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Scientist-certified translations of your research papers, funding requests,
and other documents

From English, Polish, or French
Into Polish or English

Life sciences, health, medicine



Simple editing, reviewing or (re)writing

Research papers, funding requests,
and other documents

Correspondence with journal editors
and publication counselling



Effective science communication
for scientists or medical doctors

Scientific terminology for technical translators and interpreters

Cross-culture communication
and effective collaboration across borders for anybody concerned

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« In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurs »

Sir Francis Darwin

Convincing the world is a challenge. And even more so when it comes to explaining complex scientific issues. And yet, communicating remains an essential part of our lives and careers.

Do you know how to get your message heard over the noise?

Science communicators of all stripes, you are in the right place. Whether you are a scientist, a clinician, a scientific translator or a medical writer, your science communication expert is here to make it easier for  you!




Highly customised and run in multiple varieties, this hands-on workshop for junior (and not only) scientists of various disciplines remains our most popular CPD event for the third year in a row

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Why choose us

Because we are open to discuss any project, but we do not hesitate to refuse if it does not suit our expertise and skills. Still, if it does align, we will tailor every little detail to be perfectly suited for you.

Because we believe that learning never ends and that ‘better’ is far better than ‘good’. And that holds equally true for our expertise and methods, and for the quality of the services we provide to you. We keep learning, updating, adapting, improving – to be a reliable partner for you.

Because we love what we do and our clients love it, too!

20 disciplines


We have worked with scientists and MDs
of over 20 specialities

cancer research, oncology, molecular biology, particle physics, astrophysics, pharmacy, environmental sciences, biochemistry, virology, medicine, public health

50 nationalities


We have trained people
of over 50 nationalities
from five continents

in effective communication

6 years +


It has been over six years
since our first intervention
for The French Translators’ Society (La Société Française des Traducteurs, La SFT)

half of our trainees
have already come back
for at least one another course

6 languages


We have trained translators
working in six different languages

in scientific English 
terminology and translation

in-person or online

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