About us

Communication for scientists and science for communicators. All colours and shades

Science to the Point was born out of passion for science and communication, and from a belief that one cannot exist without the other.

Because it cannot, mind you!

A CEO expert in science and communication

Science to the Point was founded by Katarzyna Szymańska, a life scientist (Ph.D. in Biological Sciences), and a translator and editor of the English language (postgraduate study diploma in languages and translation, specialty in English), following her versatile international experience in both fields.

 “I am a life scientist and a science translator in a very broad sense of the term. Where differences meet, I am in my element. Always ready to bridge between different cultures and disciplines, translating ideas between languages but also registers and attitudes, unblurring the meaning and encouraging dialogue.” 

“A brilliant interdisciplinary spirit in the service of biomedical sciences. Excellent scientific evaluation, communication and editorial skills, also in highly challenging intercultural contexts. High-level professionalism and efficiency you can always rely on”

Prof. Christian Bréchot

M.D., Scientist, Director General of the Pasteur Institute, former Vice-President of the Mérieux Institute for Medical and Scientific Affairs (France)

Our values and unique skills are at the heart of what we do

Interdisciplinarity and cross-culture collaboration

Specialising is great as long as it means being an expert and not setting the limits. At Science to the Point, we wholeheartedly support cross-discipline projects, cross-culture collaborations, and thinking out of the box, while still being experts in our specialties.

Competency and passion

Founded by a translator and interpreter, editor, and reviewer of the English language but also a scientist and an academic teacher, Science to the Point combines a versatile interdisciplinary expertise with a great enthusiasm for science and communication. In brief, we know what we do and we love what we do!


At Science to the Point, we mean what we say. No one can claim to be competent for all tasks and disciplines and neither do we. We carefully check each demand and we only undertake to work on tasks we are sure to accomplish.

Staying tuned and open

We believe we are all different and we treat everybody individually. We are open to discuss any task or arrangement and we always make an effort to adjust at best to your particular needs. The sole fixed standard is the quality of our services, everything else can be tailored especially for you.

We help scientists and medical doctors communicate their findings to the world

“Please, cut your manuscript down to 2,000 words, edit it according to the WHO style and make sure it is written in appropriate English.” 

You have certainly heard something like that one day. And if not yet – you certainly will! Scary – blurry? Not anymore! With our publication support services, we transform your draft documents and ideas into delightfully spruce communication tools.

We also prepare you to tackle unexpected communication challenges with ease and professionalism through our tailored communication training sessions.

“The course was fun. Katarzyna understands how to unleash your speaking potential.”

Jakty Kusuma

Ph.D. student in plant genetics, the Doctoral College of the Montpellier University, a participant in the ‘How to effectively communicate with non-specialists’ training in 2020 (France)

We help scientific translators and other non-scientists understand science

“I’d rather work with a translator who is familiar with the cancer field.”

Hmm… Not you? Be the one! During our translator-oriented CPD courses, we guide you through the intricacies of life and medical sciences and associated terminology.

“Science is made simple. Thank you!”

Laure Baude

English-to-French translator, a participant in the ‘Cancer treatments for translators and interpreters’ training in 2019 (France)

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