Science and communication trainings

Science and communication trainings tailored right for you


We play variations on international science and communication. All our trainings are related to either of these, or to both at the same time. They are designed so as to facilitate bridge-building: between people of different cultures, disciplines, languages, or simply backgrounds.

They may be adapted for ‘beginners’ (e.g. Master or Ph.D. students) or for more experienced professionals at different stages of their professional careers.

We aim at perfect fits: each training is customised to suit your particular needs and likings.



a hands-on workshop for junior (and not only) scientists of various disciplines

was our most popular training event in 2021 and 2022

Interested in such a course?

Science and communication trainings by Science to the Point

Communication trainings for scientists, medical doctors, science traders

Targeted at scientists of various disciplines, medical doctors, and related professionals, our family of practical communication workshops is designed to help you effectively communicate about your work, in different contexts and to different ends.

You may learn, e.g.:
· how to effectively communicate with non-specialists
· how to write good research papers
· how to write and talk about your Ph.D. project
· how to pitch your innovative projects

“At the beginning, I was quite puzzled by this course since at the first session I didn’t clearly see why we were doing those exercises. But at the third and last session I made the link with what we had said before. So I finally find the organisation of this course really clever!”

Maëlis Arnould

Labex LIO, Ph.D. student in seismology, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France)

CPD trainings for scientific and medical translators

If you are a translator or an interpreter working with texts related to life sciences, medicine, or public health, and English is one of your working languages, you can benefit from our hands-on translator-oriented workshops on a variety of related topics, e.g.:

· viruses and emerging viral diseases
· clinical biomarkers
· cancer treatments
· molecular diagnostics

All courses include translation activities and extensive vocabulary considerations.

“An excellent course, perfectly geared towards medical translators with lots of practical exercises. Highly recommended!”

Carol Bereuter

French-to-English translator

“For someone who knew very little about viruses, this course was amazingly clear”

Marguerite Storm

English-to-French translator

Navigating cross-culture diversity in your professional environment

We offer highly customised workshops and coaching to help members of multinational teams, relocating professionals, and anybody interested in communicating with people of a different culture, communicate and collaborate across borders. You can learn, e.g.:

· how to make the best of cultural diversity in your team
· how to avoid cross-culture misunderstandings
· how to collaborate with Asians if you are a European
· how to communicate with the French if you are Chinese

“Very interesting classes. I have gained more concept of the French culture and its relationship to the Chinese culture”

Niu Pei

Lyon University Ph.D. student in image processing, INSA-Lyon (France)

tailor-made, engaging, and practice-oriented workshops work best

Our courses are interactive and fun

Our trainings are highly interactive, hands-on and fun. The theory is reduced to the absolute minimum and taught through practice whenever possible rather than lectured, with an array of original specific activities conceived to suit the objectives and tailored to the needs and levels of each training group. To ensure such an engagement, whether in-person or online, we work with small groups. And we always take time to answer questions!



LANGUAGE : mainly English but not only

All our trainings are run in English. The trainings in scientific translation, though, are partly bilingual (the main language remains English but the terminology is provided also in the other language and many of the activities are bilingual).

VENUE : any place you fancy on Earth or any virtual space

Wherever you are based – in Lyon, Berlin, Vancouver, Dublin, Shanghai… – we will be happy to come to your premises to run an in-house training. Otherwise, we may host you in ArchParc, a technological park at the Swiss-French border, close to the Geneva International Airport and to the Alps. We may also organise a retreat in any other location, or – if the topic allows it – we may just stay in our offices and meet in some virtual space online.

FORMAT : in-person or online

We favour the rich and direct interactions of in-person trainings. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made us embrace also the opportunities of online courses. Depending on the subject areas and your objectives, both formats may be possible.



Every training group is unique and there is a vast array of possibilities here: from relatively short and intensive one-time events to longer regular courses with extensive individual coaching between the sessions.

What kind of a training do YOU need?

Let’s discuss your objectives and specific requirements. We will advise on your perfect fit.