Cross-cultural communication workshops

Tailored workshops that will help you improve your cross-cultural communication skills

Increase your cross-cultural intelligence by learning how to turn cultural differences to your advantage, to avoid dangerous ‘faux-pas’ and to efficiently use non-verbal and other communication tools – the knowledge useful when setting up international collaborations, working in multi-national teams, in negotiations, while travelling, or relocating to a new country.

These workshops can be run in different nationality-specific variants. For example, if you work in a French company relocating to China or integrating relocated Chinese collaborators into your French team, the workshop will be tailored to decode the cultural codes of these two countries and so considerably ‘soften’ the cultural shock at relocation, sensitise both sides to the possible sources of misunderstandings and bias, and teach them how to enjoy working and communicating with the other.

Examples of workshops we have run

  • Endeavour despite borders: introduction to cross-cultural communication
  • Decoding France for the Chinese and the Chinese for the French
  • Understanding cultural differences within your team (multi-cultural team-building day)

All workshops are interactive and tailored  to your particular needs

Each workshop will be adapted to the cultural backgrounds and specific needs of the participants on a case-by-case basis. Whatever the context, the participants are always encouraged to share the hurdles of their cross-culture experience to obtain interpretation of the underlying causes and immediate problem-solving advice.

Why these workshops are unique

  • original tailored content (e.g. nationality-specific variants)
  • multilingual trainer with international experience
  • small groups allowing for personalised advice
  • minimum theory, maximum practice
  • highly interactive group activities (added bonus: team-building)

What kind of a workshop do YOU need?

Let’s discuss your objectives and specific requirements. We will design your perfect fit.