Scientific translation and writing

Lots of data, little time to write? Uneasy communicating in English? Scared to get your paper rejected (again)?

Whether you are a junior scientist drafting your first research paper or an experienced professional who needs some plain-language materials for your patients or collaborators, we can help.

Science to the Point offers a range of science communication and scientific publication support services
for scientists, clinicians, and patient organisations.

Scientific and medical translation

from English, French, or Polish 
into  English or Polish

You need to express your ideas or understand a document in a foreign language? We will help you! Juggling English, Polish, and French on a daily basis, and eagerly adding other languages to the basket, we skilfully translate messages from one language to another.

I love the way you work on manuscripts, really in-depth. I find it very stimulating. And you’re amazing at rephrasing!

Olivier Pluquet

Scientist, University of Lille (France)

Scientific publication support and more: writing, editing, reviewing

in English or Polish

Writer’s block? Impossible to shorten or extend your manuscript according to the journal guidelines? Not with us! We offer extensive scientific publication support in English, from simple proofreading to comprehensive manuscript revising and (re)writing. We can also compile some data, advise on result presentation, or draft the required document for you. Just check whether your subject matter matches our expertise!
Our specialties: oncology and cancer research, virology, biotechnology, molecular biology and diagnostics, public health

Basic editing (copy editing)

A basic linguistic correction of your text (spelling, grammar, and phraseology); each sentence of your document will be correct but it does not guarantee that your text as a whole will read smoothly.

Advanced editing

A linguistic correction as well as an adaptation of vocabulary, style, register, and form. Your text will not only be written in correct language but also perfectly adapted to the context and requirements of your readers.

Scientific and medical writing

Extensive help in writing your research manuscripts. You choose the results you want to publish, you provide a very basic draft of your paper (notes, protocols, result compilations) and we put it all into a clear well-written article. This service is limited to disciplines and topics we are scientifically competent in and involves close interactions. We do not take responsibility for the choices you make for your work but we advise you on how to present it best and we check for the logic of your scientific argumentation. This can also be combined with translation (e.g. you may provide materials in French and ask for an article in English). Like for all services, we guarantee full confidentiality.

Text adaptation (repurposing)

We can transform your highly specialised scientific or medical document into a text which will target a different kind of audience and serve a different purpose ˗ a kind of re-writing or ‘re-packaging’ of your content. E.g. we can transform your scientific article into a project synopsis which will be comprehensible to non-specialists and appealing to potential sponsors, or else prepare information materials for cancer patients based on scientific literature data on a given topic.

How it works

How Science to the Point will process your science writing project


All your documents and scientific or medical data are treated as confidential. Whether you eventually decide to work with us or not, we will never share them with any third party. If you would like to learn more about your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), check our Privacy Policy.



We do our best to do the work quickly but quality work may take some time. The delay will also depend on your availability to answer our additional subject matter questions should these arise. In any case, we will discuss any time constraints and possible deadlines before committing to the job.


The price is fixed case by case. It depends on the service you choose but also on the quality and volume of your source materials (e.g. the text to be edited), and on your specific requirements (e.g. the deadline). There is a minimal tariff of 40 euros for any work and additional tariff may apply in case of very short or inconvenient deadlines.

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